Art Studio Starter

Drawing Study no. 26: Lady Bug

This great little lady will be a fun one to draw! Take this opportunity to bush up on your drawing techniques. Darrel will take you through the transfer layout and guide you into capturing those curves and contours of this Lady Bug.
Materials needed: • All 5 Pencils (4H, 2H,HB, 2B, 4B) (Blick Studio is preferred brand) • Ideally 300 Series Strathmore Bristol Vellum Paper - 9x12 • Kneaded Eraser • Tombow Mono Zero Eraser (don't worry if you don't have one, the kneaded eraser will work.) • A straightedge (or ruler) • 2 or 3" Camel Hair Brush • Pencil Sharpener • Cotton Ball • "Q Tips" (cotton swab)

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